kWh to kWh: A Scaled Comparison of uModule to c-Si Flat Plate

The team here at Arzon Solar is often asked to compare our uModule performance to that of conventional c-Si flat plate modules.  So, the purpose of this blog post is to show a clear example of how the Arzon Solar uModule compares kWh to kWh against using conventional c-Si flat panels, in this case the Astronergy 300 Silver Poly CHSM 6612P-300.

compare to flat plate fixed tilt 2

A to-scale rendering of the number of fixed tilt c-Si panels needed to match the energy generation of a uM2 in a high DNI environment.

First, the calculations.  In a high DNI environment (Palmdale, CA in this example), Arzon Solar uModule generates about 2,600 kWh / kW CSOC, with a uM2 CSOC rating of 4.6kW.  So, a single uM2 generates 4.6*2,600 = 11,960 kWh / yr.

A fixed tilt mounted flat panel can be expected to generate about 1900 kWh / kW STC.  The STC rating of a single 77″ x 40″ panel is 300W.  So, we have 11,960 /1,900 = X * 0.3, solve for X and we get 21.  Without considering the fact that uModule suffers only 30% of the temperature degradation of s-Ci modules, or the lower annual degradation rate, we would need 21x 300W Astronergy panels in a fixed tilt mounting to meet the same energy generated by a single uM2.  So, we add 1x more panel, to make up for the temperature and degradation characteristics, as well as make a more symmetric scaled picture above. 🙂

The result is simple.  uModule systems take less space and deliver more energy per given land then conventional c-Si modules.  Don’t you deserve more energy from your land?  We think so.

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